Sexism in Business – Is It Real?

Some people today will still ask the question: sexism in business – is it real? These people tend to be men. Most women in business have experienced sexism in some way or another. Fortunately, women do have protections against sexism in place today.

There was a time when less than one percent of office workers were women. Women literally couldn’t even be secretaries towards the end of the nineteenth century. Today, there are female CEO’s and other female executives. Plenty of women in business earn at least a middle-class wage, in contrast to the poorly-paid secretaries of the 1950’s. Sexual harassment laws have made workplaces much safer for women everywhere. Women will have female bosses. Feminism has been around for generations by this point and it is no longer the new and fragile idea that it once was.

However, sexism in business is still very real. People in business can take steps to combat it, making things better for everyone in the process. There are some bosses who will never change, but many people in business can and should make things better for women.

Subtle Sexism

Many women today will not experience the sort of overt discrimination that once existed. However, persistent and low-level sexism still remains. They might have male colleagues comment on their appearance in a way that would never happen with men. Their male colleagues might make casual sexist jokes around them, and the women will just have to suck it up and accept it in many cases.

People will often say vague things about why women shouldn’t be promoted. They might talk about how she just doesn’t have ‘leadership qualities,’ even though they never really specify what those leadership qualities are. They might just say that a woman doesn’t have what ‘it’ takes, once again, without being specific as to what ‘it’ is in the first place. Even sexist people usually struggle to be blatantly sexist in conversation in public today, so they tend to use coded language instead.

Overt Sexism

Overt sexism still hasn’t gone away entirely. Some very conservative bosses truly don’t want women in charge or even in high-level positions. Some bosses refuse to hire women who they perceive as unattractive or old. There are bosses who think that all women with children should only focus on their children and that they shouldn’t even have jobs, and they will do their hiring accordingly. Other bosses will think that women without children are flawed in some way and they shouldn’t be working either. These bosses tend to discriminate against women of color and LGBT women even more strongly, and they might not even consider hiring disabled women.

These men might not specifically say sexist things in front of the women who they are harming, but their strong sexism will still inform their decisions. They might talk about it with their colleagues afterward, reinforcing the sexism of the overall workplace. Overt sexists do tend to be older, but there are younger people who are picking up the same attitudes.

Solving Sexism

Women themselves cannot get around the sexism of others by altering their behavior, which is one of the things that is so insidious about it all, read more on this website. If they have kids, they face discrimination. If they don’t have kids, they face discrimination. Aggressive women and submissive women both receive criticism that is sexist. Women who dress plainly are criticized and women who dress nicely are criticized. Beautiful women and ugly women, as well as all women in between, are held accountable for their looks and other things that are beyond their control.

Some people in situations like this place(visit) all of the burden on the victims. This is unfair and it doesn’t work. Sexists will often feel that way no matter what. They are not reasonable people. Getting them to change their minds or at least removing them from power is often the only way forward. Getting more women into business can help reduce the sexism involved. As the business world becomes less male-dominated, some of the sexism may go away on its own. The culture itself has to change, however, and this is the sort of thing that is going to take a long time.

Best Poker Chips

Poker chips, also known as casino tokens or gaming chips are basically small round discs that are used as a form of currency in casinos. There are a various types of poker chips which are utilized for different uses. For instance, there are colored metal, compression-molded and injection-molded plastic tokens which are primarily used in table games. On the other hand, there exists metal token coins which are mainly used as play money in slot machines. Rectangular gaming plaques are also common in some casinos especially when playing for high-stakes (that is, $25,000 or above). Despite the rectangular shape which differs the plaques from the discs, these high-stake chips have serial numbers.

Buying Poker Chips

Currently you can get poker chips anywhere from the thousands of retailers that sell them online. You should have a bit of background knowledge before committing yourself and buying poker chips. Luckily, most respectable poker chip retailers will give you a sample of their chips before you can buy the whole set. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones, here are a few simple tests you should do to ensure that you are buying the best poker chips.

Check the label

Most tokens feature an inlay or stick-on label printed on them, especially custom chips. Good poker chips have these labels printed inside the chip in such a way that they cannot be scratched of. Whether it is by an anxious finger-nail or spilt beer. You can leave the poker chip in water over the night to make sure. Furthermore, you should be sure to check if the label lines perfectly with the edges and are centered properly. All these minute details make the difference between awful and great poker chips.

Check the edges

Poker chips come in all sorts of edges – round, square, rectangle, sharp, soft – some of them, such as the Modern Clay chip is made with pre-rounded edges to give you an ‘antique’ kind of feeling to your chips. After learning about the material that your chips are made of, you can smash the edges of the poker chips you are about to buy together and look for dents or breakages. If they do get dent and marks, it should either tell you that the chips are of high-quality and made from clay. However, if the dents are too deep or there is a breakage, you can be sure that these will not last after 50 games of play.

How well can you stack your chips

Good poker chips are those that can form stacks as high as you need to. In general terms, clay poker chips stack way better compared to the cheaper plastic chips. The plastic chips slide off easily against each other. You can test this by stacking two or three chips and holding the bottom one at an ever-increasing angle. If the top chips slide too soon, you might have to reconsider your choice of these tokens.

With all the above information, you should now be able to make a good call and always buy the chips that will serve you and your friends through years of poker games


Best Cat Insurance


Pet Insurance3In general, the best cat insurance should cover the treatment and costs of illnesses, accidents, and routine health care services. However, it is important to note that not all medications, treatments, and services are always reimbursed- each service provider offers varying insurance packages. Some of the general exclusions include pre-existing species related illnesses and medical complications as well. The majority of insurance packages require that a vet evaluates the pet and performs a health check-up as soon as you enroll for the service.

More importantly, you should find out if there is a waiting period after you enroll for a plan when individual claims may or may not be covered. Additionally, you want to ensure that you can have your unique selection of veterinary services for your pet. When it comes to submitting claims, some companies pay a maximum amount for each single diagnosis and others pay a fraction of the covered cost, after the initial amount you pay before enjoying insurance benefits. Either way, you usually have to pay for some form of veterinary services, and then submit a coherent claim for reimbursement.

Tips when choosing best cat insurance

Ensure that have sufficient insight on the cover that suits your unique needs best.

Know your maximum limits and excess level as well. Cheaper plans usually have lower limits.

Ask around- as people who are currently or have previously enrolled for the best cat insurance. Moreover, speak to a competent veterinary to give you some tips.

Conduct some research- you can visit service providers to gain a better understanding their insurance plans. You can also browse the web to compare different service providers with regards to their services and pricing plans.


The following are some of the benefits you shall receive when you procure the ideal cat insurance:

  • – Emergency services
  • – Prescription drugs
  • – Hospitalization
  • – Laboratory service
  • – Wellness and preventive services as well as chronic conditions management


Finally, procuring the best cat insurance can extremely beneficial when your pet needs medical care the most. Moreover, cat insurance is useful when you do not have access to sufficient funds or resource at the moment to treat your pet.