The Undeniable Truth About Bed Sheets That No One Is Telling You

If you are like most people, you have had sheets on your beds ever since you were a child, and you have not thought much about the subject. You may be surprised to learn some important information about bed sheets.

Bed Sheets Should Be Washed Weekly

Unless the weather conditions are extremely hot, or you have been working out, you perspire more in your bed than anywhere else during your everyday life. On average, you lose approximately 26 gallons of perspiration in your bed each year. Your bed also accumulates skin cells and germs. If sheets are not cleaned frequently, they can harbor debris from dust mites, lint, soil, and pollen.

Bed sheets should be washed and dried every week. If you have been ill, treat yourself to fresh sheets. Clean sheets are not only a matter of comfort, they can keep you healthy.

Bed Sheets Can Be Long-Lasting

Depending on the material, your sleeping habits, and other factors, sheets can last for years. This is one reason to consider investing in good sheets. With proper care, a well-made set of sheets may last up to 5 years. As they do not need to be replaced frequently, the highest quality bed sheets can be affordable.

Do You Know How To Determine The Quality Of Your Bed Sheets?

When you are planning to purchase sheets, the price tag is not necessarily the best indicator of quality. There are four basic factors to consider when you want high-quality bed sheets. You can find this information on the label, or in the description of the sheets.

Thread count is one factor. The thread count lets you know how many threads are in each square inch of the fabric. Sheets with high thread counts are soft, quality products.

Yarn size is a second factor. The finest yarn has the highest yarn size. The best sheets will have a yarn size between 40 and 100.

The Undeniable Truth About Bed Sheets That No One Is Telling You

The finishing is another factor in whether a sheet is high in quality. High quality sheets are singed and mercerized. When the fabric is singed, it removes fuzz that can cause pilling on sheets. Mercerizing strengthens the fabric, increases its luster, and makes the fabric receptive to the dyes used to color the sheet. Lower quality sheets may not have been through these processes.

Fiber quality also determines the overall quality of a bed sheet. While the specifics vary from material to material, cotton is one of the most popular materials for bed sheets. Long staple cotton results in the highest quality for cotton bed sheets. Long fiber makes the yarns finer and stronger.

When you want the very best bed sheets, take all of these factors into consideration. While they may cost a little more than lower quality sheets, you will benefit from choosing the best. Your bed sheets will last longer, maintain their nice appearance, and stay in excellent condition.

You Can Have The Bed Sheets That Are Perfect For You

When you want sheets that will make you happy, take time to decide what you want. If you want to be completely satisfied with your purchase, do not buy the first sheets you see. Think about the colors you like the most, and the fabric that will make you comfortable.

However, you should not overlook the importance of quality. Regardless of how a sheet looks, you will not be happy with it if the color fades, the material develops pills, or you need to replace it within a few months. When you want bed sheets that will stand up to years of wear, always look good, and always be comfortable, make quality your main priority.

Bed Sheets – An Overview


If you are looking to buy your next set of bed sheets, you may want to do a little research first. Even though in some situations, people know exactly what they want. On the other hand, in others situations, people may prefer to ask for a quick overview of what’s involved in making a decision to buy a specific type of sheet. Whatever the circumstances, it is normally best for consumers to make sure that they know what is available on the market today.

With this being said, here are a few things that everyone should know about bed sheets and what it takes to make an informed decision in a buying purchase.

Size of the Mattress and Bed Sheets – An Overview

Because there is more than one size of mattresses on the market, the one size fit all bed sheet is normally not an option for a buyer. This is because the sizes of mattresses can range from baby sheets and twin sheets to queen and king sheets. So, it is very important that the buyer knows exactly what size of the mattress that they need for their bed prior to making an investment.

Thread Count

In addition to looking for the appropriate size for the bed that you want to fit properly, there is another factor that must be taken into consideration when making a selection as well. One in which involves buying bed sheets that contain a certain thread count. Since some people like the life a luxury, even when they are lying down or retiring for the night, the thread count can make a significant difference in these desires. For instance, when the buyer wants a pair of bed sheets that will feel soft and luxurious against the skin, the thread count for these sheets should range as high 600 thread count. With a 600 thread count, the buyer will not only feel like their skin is really smooth against the materials, but will also be great for sustaining more wear and tear over the years. Particularly, because this pair of thread count sheet is much more useful and durable than others over the years.

Bed Sheets Texture

The actual texture of a bed sheet is also very important. This is because the actual textures of bed sheets can vary greatly within the industry. For instance, if the buyer is looking for 100% cotton, they can benefit greatly from the extra threads that will allow the person to be very comfortable with the cool cotton texture as they rest.

Color of the Bed Sheets

Fortunately, bed sheets come in so many different colors today. As a result, anyone can buy the color of sheets that they are interested in. From black and white to vanilla bean, people can select the color that will either drive the décor in the room or match it perfectly. More importantly, the color of the bed sheets available can assist everyone with making a well-informed decision that will help them to simply spice up the designs in the rooms that they want to decorate.

Buying bed sheets for a room is not really difficult. However, before this person makes a decision to buy, it is essential to know what these decisions entail. In specific, when a buyer is looking to purchase bed sheets, they may refer to questions that will address their concerns, including selecting the right size, textures and the colors.